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【Office of Academic Affairs】 Application Form the P.H.D Qualifying Exam 1071博士學位候選人資格考核辦法及範圍及報名表 9/26/2018 1:01:16 PM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 Application for postgraduate examination in 107 1st semester, please hand the following forms (website (網址http://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/)to department office 2F Ms. Lin during Nov. 5th and Nov. 16th, thanks. 9/19/2018 11:57:18 AM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 【From Registrar Division】Those who are listed in the attached file, please completed your enrollment for this semester and pay attention to the following notice from the NCKU Registrar Division. 9/18/2018 8:37:37 AM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 Registration form for thesis/dissertation proposal 9/7/2018 10:07:40 AM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 2018 fall semester seminar registration begins on 9/1 8/22/2018 1:44:01 PM Publish
【Other】 For IAA students : The LAST day to do school-leaving procedure: 2018/08/31 7/23/2018 11:37:30 AM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 NCKU Graduates Destination Survey 6/28/2018 4:19:33 PM Publish
【Recruiting】 Faculty recruitment for NCKU Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics 5/22/2018 2:00:59 PM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 2018 Spring Semester- List of students who reach the maximum duration of study is shown in the attached file. Please apply for leave of absence before final exam if necessary. 5/7/2018 8:17:40 AM Publish
【Scholarship】 ISTAT Foundation Scholarship Program submission deadline 20 Apr., 2018. 11:00AM 4/6/2018 2:02:36 PM Publish
【Office of Academic Affairs】 2017 Spring Semester Seminar Announcement 2/9/2018 10:05:10 AM Publish (置頂)
【Office of Academic Affairs】 List of Topics for Undergraduate Thesis, DAA and IBDEP-E, 2S105AY 1/14/2017 6:27:03 PM Publish (置頂)


  • Swallow 0321
  • Variable-pitch Quadrotor
  • Tailsitter
  • Penghu_bristol
  • Motion sensors AHRS and Measurement of Relative Motion Using Image Identification Technique
  • Grey-faced buzzard fuel cell and lithium battery hybrid powered UAV
  • A UAV Control Console whose Attitude Is Synchronized with the UAV
  • Hybrid Rocket TypeII-1
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